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   Research Outline
      The Structures Research Team performs research to protect structures from rockfalls, low temperatures, earthquakes and the like in Hokkaido, where the natural environment is harsh, and to develop more efficient design methods, improve the durability, and reduce the life-cycle costs of structures such as bridges and rocksheds.

Rockshed Impact testing that simulates rockfall on a rockshed
Rockshed@@@@@@@@@@@Impact testing that simulates rockfall on a rockshed
   Research Task (Priority Project Research)
Research for efficiency and upgrading of the road disaster prevention structures
      Rock slope failures and rockfalls continue to cause the road disaster in Hokkaido. Research and development for modifying the road disaster is urgently needed to contribute to more efficient road construction and safer maintenance.
      The team tests and analyzes the effects of rockfalls on road disaster prevention structures such as rocksheds. We will contribute to the upgrading and efficiency of road disaster prevention structures by developing a limit state design method, a method for evaluating ultimate strength, and a method for efficient repair and strengthening of existing structures.

Other Major Researches
Improving the load capacity of structures by considering their reduced performance under cold, snowy conditions

Management Methods for civil engineering infrastructures in cold, snowy regions

   Research Task (General Research)
Road ancillary equipment design method based on performance evaluation in Hokkaido

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